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Ramen’s growing popularity in the United States isn’t limited to either a night out at your favorite restaurant or a 25-cent, three-minute packet from your college days. Thanks to Menya Hosaki, a ramen pop-up inside Junction Deli, you can enjoy authentic, delicious ramen take out from your couch (or bed—we won’t tell if you don’t) this weekend. 

Menya Hosaki combines classic ingredients and creative takes on Japanese favorites with a menu that’s short but full of flavor. On the one hand, for example, their classic shoyu ramen includes chicken and dashi broth with shoyu tare, chashu (pork belly and chicken), spinach, ajitama (egg), menma (bamboo shoot), scallions, and nori (seaweed). On the other hand, their Baltimore Sun ramen crafts what’s sure to become a local classic, featuring creamy pork broth with chili oil, beansprouts, chashu, scallions, ajitama, nori, and shredded red pepper.

If you have dietary restrictions to contend with, you won’t have to worry at Menya Hosaki. Their menu includes a vegetarian ramen with an almond milk-based broth but they’re also open to substitutions as needed.