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<p dir="ltr"><a href=" store">Aldi</a> does things a little differently than your average grocery store, which is why its prices also look much different. By making a few tweaks to the traditional supermarket model, it’s able to offer many organic and all-natural items at impressive prices. For instance, Aldi’s employees stock their shelves box by box, not item by item (which saves a lot of time), and customers bag their own groceries in reusable bags (or paper bags offered for a few cents each).</p><p dir="ltr">Bring a quarter to slide into your cart to unlock it from the row—you’ll get it back when you return the cart to its proper place after shopping. Then follow the natural flow of the store to do your shopping, starting with snacks. Aldi offers its own in-store line of basics, from pretzels to canned goods, along with many brand names you’ll recognize. While it doesn’t have the selection of some larger stores, the carefully curated inventory still includes every category, from fresh meat and seafood to baking ingredients and cooking staples. Don’t forget to check out the aisle of “Aldi Finds,” an ever-changing assortment of limited-time products that usually have to do with what’s in season.</p>